Vision & Mission


To be a world-class investment group, guided by our principles and geared towards sustainable growth by adopting the following     strategies:
• Focusing on core growth and value added industry sector.
• Investing in high performance companies preferably with leading brands.
• Maintaining a long term investment approach.
• Extracting value from undervalued or underperforming assets.
• Maximizing Stake Holders experience , investment experience and international network of contacts.
                                                                     • Commercial acquisitions of successful businesses opportunities.
                                                                     • Collaborations through strategic partnerships and alliances.
                                                                     • Investing in our staff for development purpose to ensure the Group’s continuous success.
                                                                     • Adhere to the 2030 government’s vision by participating and executing BOT & PPP projects.


                                                                     Growing the Group’s investments through a balanced investment strategy, become more desirable and have the best leading                                                                                position in our various industries, gain the trust of customers and employees and specify the standards for our businesses                                                                                     to become more accessible, observant and reliable.